vZome 5.0

The open source version of vZome is ready for use!

The major improvements over vZome 4.0 are around the packaging and delivery of vZome 5.0.  First, it is available as a packaged, self-contained application on Mac and Windows, requiring no prior installation of Java.  Second, it does not require a license; each of the packages available from this page are full-featured, with no limitations.

Other important enhancements include the ability to capture ready-to-serve Web turntable animations, and the ability to export Collada DAE files for import into other 3D modeling tools.

vZome 5.0 for Mac OS X

If you want to try vZome 5.0 on Mac OS X, download this ZIP file.  The application is not signed, which means you'll need to use a special gesture to launch vZome.  Hold down the control key and right-click the app to bring up the contextual menu, then select "open" to launch it.  You'll see a security warning, but you should get the option to launch vZome anyway.  This special gesture should only be necessary on the first launch.

vZome 5.0 for Windows 64-bit

If you want to try vZome 5.0 on Windows, download this ZIP file.  It may require you to relax some security restriction in order to download and execute it.  Wherever you run it, it will create a folder looking like this:


  • jre
  • lib
  • vZome-Windows-x64-5.0.exe

The folder exists because these three parts must stay together.  The “lib” folder contains all the Java code (as JAR files) for vZome, and the “jre” folder contains the Java runtime environment.  The executable puts those together when you launch it.  It should be possible to move the entire folder anywhere you want, and to create a shortcut to the executable.

vZome 5.0 for Linux

For Linux, there is no desktop integration available, no self-contained packaging, and in fact no automated packaging.  Instead, there is a collection of JAR files and a shell script to execute them.  To make use of these, you must have a Java runtime installed, and you must be comfortable with the command line. Download and extract this archive to run on Linux. Note that this distribution often lags behind the Mac and Windows distributions.

vZome 5.0 and Java

When vZome launches on Mac or Windows, it should NOT ask for a Jave runtime, and indeed you should not need to have Java installed at all before launching, since this packaging (for either Mac OS X or Windows) comes with its own, dedicated Java runtime.

For Linux, this is not true. vZome on Linux requires that you already have Java installed, and on your path.