About vZome

vZome is a desktop app designed primarily for building virtual Zome models.  In addition to the basic mechanism of building strut upon strut, vZome supports a rich collection of symmetry and geometry tools, helping you create and discover models that you might not stumble upon with physical Zome.

vZome also enriches the Zome system by adding new strut directions, and by adding the ability to build panels of any shape.  In addition, vZome lets you change the way balls and struts are rendered, giving you the choice of very abstract renditions of geometry, or very accurate depictions of real Zome parts, or somewhere in between.

vZome goes even further in supporting models and geometries not possible with Zome.  Zome is based on a particular symmetry (icosahedral), and uses strut lengths based on the Golden Ratio.  It is an amazingly rich system, but it is just one of an infinite family of such systems.  In vZome, you can build models with octahedral symmetry, with lengths based on the square root of two.  Another system is based on the square root of three, and supports 12-fold rotations.

Download and Run vZome

vZome 5.0 is freely available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.  Build 34 added support for transparency, and several other new features, as described in this video. Build 37 added the ability to capture web animations, also described in a video.  Build 41 adds Collada DAE export, very important for interchange with other 3D tools, and helpful for sharing with humans, too; there are a number of DAE viewer apps for mobile devices.  Give it a try!

View vZome models on Android

Have an Android mobile phone?  You can install the new vZome Viewer app!

Contribute to vZome development

vZome is now open-source.  See how to contribute your cool feature ideas to vZome.

3D-Print vZome Struts

If you want to physically build something you designed in vZome, but it uses struts that Zometool does not produce, try this Shapeways store.  You will find a number of models for vZome struts there, as well as some other things like cross-connectors.