vZome software

vZome is a program for building virtual Zome models. It can be used interactively, or you can write powerful scripts in the Zomic language.

You can download and launch a trial version of vZome using Java Web Start... no need to install anything! The trial license lets you use all the features, but does not let you save model files. To obtain a free, fully capable personalized license for vZome, please send a note to me ("scott") at "vorthmann.org", and I'll reply within a day or less, typically. You can also find me from the vZome page on Google+ (see above right).

vZome will not run without Java. If the Java Web Start link above does not work for you, you may need to install the Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or newer.

If you would like to stay abreast of vZome developments, such as new releases, follow vZome on Google+ or Twitter using the badges below.

Although there's no real user documentation as of yet, I've started a very minimal User's Guide. I'm always happy to answer questions and offer tips via email, or to schedule phone calls or Skype screen-sharing sessions when time allows.

The current version of vZome is vZome 4.0. Unlicensed (and disabled) older versions vZome 3.0.0 and vZome 2.1 are also still available, but I no longer offer licenses for them.


Here are various pages that I've put together on some interesting vZome models and the related mathematics, in roughly chronological order spanning the last five years or so:

If you have a WebGL-enabled browser (Chrome works well), you can enjoy some 3D models I have exported from vZome. Click and drag to rotate the models, or use your scroll-wheel to zoom.